A Pivotal Time for Marketing Maine lobster

There are marketing boards for almost every agricultural product in the U.S. The larger boards you might be familiar with thanks to memorable national campaigns — like the Dairy Board (Got Milk?), the Pork Board (The Other White Meat) and the Egg Board (The Incredible Egg).

You might be less familiar with the smaller boards like the Cherry Marketing Institute, National Mango Board, the Popcorn Board and here in Maine, the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative. Established in 2013, the MLMC provides marketing and promotional support for the industry and the variety of Maine Lobster products available to consumers.

So what does the MLMC actually do? For eight years, we’ve been working closely with lobstermen and dealers/processors to promote Maine Lobster and the industry as a whole. We’ve educated and inspired consumers through PR campaigns, advertising, and community outreach—all with the goal of getting more people to choose Maine Lobster. We also provide lobster sellers with tools like recipes, videos, and fact sheets to promote their product, as well as ensuring buyers are easily able to find the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

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