First Finfish Farm in United States Achieves ASC Certification

Blue Ocean Mariculture has become the first ASC certified finfish farm in the US after achieving certification against the ASC Seriola and Cobia Standard at its Hawaii farm.

Blue Ocean Mariculture farms Seriola rivoliana, also known as almaco jack, that is branded as Hawaiian Kanpachi. The farm achieved certification after a rigorous multi-day on-site audit by the independent conformity assessment body, SCS Global Services. The audit assessed the farm’s performance against dozens of stringent requirements covering environmental and social impacts.

Hawaiian Kanpachi is highly prized by chefs, especially for use in sushi. It is found naturally in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, and Blue Ocean Mariculture farms the fish in submersible open-ocean pens in the seas off the Island of Hawaii, near Kona.

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