Here’s How the Seafood Industry is Cracking Down on Sustainability

The seafood industry is global, and since it survives off the oceans and ecosystems sustain its produce, sustainability plays a big role. Across continents, seafood can power economies — local and nationwide. That impact, however, comes with many unsustainable practices and effects. To fully support global economies, consumer demands and environmental needs, the industry commit to sustainability.

The Impact of Fisheries

Sustainable seafood requires a healthy relationship with the oceans and animals that live in them. The fishing industry, though, often uses harmful practices when harvesting sea life. According to a study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), 34.2 percent of global fisheries are operating on unsustainable levels—and this number is increasing.

Primarily, overfishing occurs when workers remove excess amounts of sea life—intentionally or accidentally. For instance, fishers may gather sea bass in large sums. If they gather too many, it throws off the balance of the surrounding environment and ecosystems.

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