OBI Seafoods CEO and CFO Retire Bringing John Hanrahan and Monica Hollenback to Take the Helm

CEO Mark Palmer and CFO Tony Ross from OBI Seafoods are expected to retire in December 2023, according to a company announcement. John Hanrahan has been promoted to the CEO position, and Monica Hollenback has assumed the role of CFO.

Mark Palmer’s departure from OBI comes after 40 years with the company, starting as a truck driver for Ocean Beauty and rising to the CEO position in 2007. He took over as OBI Seafoods CEO in 2020 with the merger of Ocean Beauty and Icicle Seafoods, expressing his gratitude to his coworkers and the ownership team.

Tony Ross, who began his seafood industry career in 1988 at Booth Fisheries, was later purchased by Ocean Beauty. He held various financial roles at Ocean Beauty and became CFO in 2007. Over the years, he managed mergers and played a key role in OBI Seafoods’ formation in 2020.

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