The National Fisheries Institute Announces 75th Anniversary

McLean, VA –– 2020 marks 75 years since the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) was incorporated.

As the nation’s largest commercial seafood trade association, its focus and issues management has evolved over time to meet members’ changing needs, but NFI’s mission remains to create an environment where a strong seafood industry can prosper.

To celebrate the milestone, NFI unveiled a new logo for use in 2020, with a banner highlighting the anniversary.

“For 75 years, NFI members have been at the epicenter of the seafood community,” said NFI’s Senior Vice President Judy Dashiell. “From spearheading sustainability initiatives to revolutionizing ways to bring healthy, delicious seafood to American consumers, our members have been the tip of the spear. It’s only fitting to mark the occasion.”

Throughout the year, NFI will share highlights of its history on and social media using the hashtag #NFI75. Watch for images from some of NFI’s earliest meetings, excerpts from iconic moments in the last 75 years, and short videos featuring members as well as NFI executives past and present.

NFI invites supporters and colleagues in the seafood community to join the celebration by sharing memories, pictures, or videos on social media using the hashtag #NFI75. The 75th Anniversary logo is available for members to use.

“We’re honored when we hear how NFI has impacted our members through the years. It’s neat to see how NFI has been woven into the cultures of our member companies, because we feel like these businesses are the epicenter of the seafood community,” said Dashiell. “We’ve heard stories of how the NFI’s Future Leaders program has shaped people’s careers. From others in family-owned businesses, we’ve heard that their earliest memories of NFI were as children, learning about the association from their parents– and that’s really special.”

Since its inception, NFI members have represented all parts of the seafood supply chain in every region of the U.S., and across the globe. For more information about NFI’s members, visit NFI’s website.

“Many of NFI’s current members have been here through it all, and their predecessors helped build this organization,” said Dashiell. “So while it’s NFI’s 75th Anniversary, we celebrate our members for their remarkable time, talents, and insight.”

Celebrations will begin at NFI’s Global Seafood Market Conference in Orlando, FL from January 21-23, with a special commemoration at the Board of Directors Meeting.

If you are interested in using the new logo, please contact Gerrie Thomas at


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