The Technological Transformation of the Seafood Supply Chain

Integrating technology into a supply chain can be a challenge, and the seafood industry is no exception with the advent of traceability technology that monitors the catch from water to plate.

As more consumers demand to know where the fish they eat comes from, companies have started developing high-tech solutions to capture, receive and transmit data across every component of the seafood supply chain, from fishermen to processors, transporters, distributors, and retailers.

Allied Market Research predicts the global market for traceability technology will grow 8.7% annually through 2020, at which point revenue could reach as high as $14.1 billion for companies specializing in such technology.

The idea of tracing a fish’s origins has taken on new significance in light of consumer concerns over sales of phony grouper and reports of inhumane working conditions at seafood processing facilities in developing countries.

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