’Tis the Season for Lobster—at Least in Nova Scotia

Although I’ve lived along Canada’s east coast for several years, I’ll always be a CFA (that’s a come-from-away, for any non-Maritimers out there). The tiny differences show up once in a while, like when I mispronounced “scallops” during my first week in Halifax—I had an editor kindly but firmly tell me that SCAWL-ops were the food, whereas SCAAHL-ops were decor.

Clearly, some Maritime traditions didn’t come so easily. But I’ve always remembered (and one year, even marked it down on my calendar) that the week between Christmas and New Year’s provided the best opportunities for tucking into a lobster.

On Christmas morning, you put fried lobster in your scrambled eggs. There’s seafood chowder on Boxing Day and a classic steamed lobster with garlic butter on New Year’s Eve. And New Year’s Day features lobster rolls.

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