Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative Lays Out Legislative Priorities

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative said today it will push in the next congressional session for a new farmworker visa, expanded free trade agreements and a leading role for farmers in developing environmentally focused policies, among other top priorities.

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative Pushes for More School Milk Options

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, one of the largest dairy co-ops in the country, urged Congress today to help broaden the milk options children have in school.

Waves or Ripples? Too Early To Tell What’s Next For Trade -Edge Director of Government Affairs

November 27, 2020 Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative

Changes are coming to U.S. trade policy, but it is too early to tell if we should expect dramatic waves or subtle ripples during the next four years.

Michael Torrey: Advocacy Critical for Dairy Policy Post-Election

November 13, 2020 Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative

Advocating at the federal level for dairy farmers will be crucial with new lawmakers set to join Congress and potentially a new president heading to the White House, Michael Torrey, a longtime expert on farm legislation, said this week.

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative Commends Senators’ Efforts Against Unfair Trade Tactics Letter Calls for U.S. Policy to Protect Use of Common Food Names

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, which represents farmers throughout the Midwest, today commended the efforts of 61 U.S. senators to safeguard dairy exports against unjustified trade barriers in future trade agreements as they relate to names of cheeses.