Colorado Fresh Potato Crop Outlook: “Quality is Extraordinary”

September 14, 2021 MountainKing Potatoes

As MountainKing readies for its fall harvest, early tests from its fields in Colorado’s San Luis Valley offer encouraging signs for several of the brand’s gourmet varieties including its yellow-flesh varietals.

All-Yellow Flesh Potatoes Continue Upward Trend in Volume Sales, Profits

August 11, 2021 MountainKing Potatoes

All-yellow flesh potatoes continue to rise above russets, reds and whites in the critical metric of retailer volume sales, an encouraging sign for grocers as growers ready for their upcoming fall harvests.

MountainKing Introduces All-New Four-Pack Trays, Ten-Pound Bags for Gourmet Butter Russets

July 27, 2021 MountainKing

As MountainKing Potatoes readies grocers for the fall delivery of its popular Butter Russets, the Texas-based company for the first time will offer the gourmet variety in two new package types: all-new four-count trays ideal for introducing the high-flavor item to new shoppers and sizeable ten-pounds bags for larger gatherings.

Sales of Fingerlings, Gourmet Varietal Potatoes Continue to Climb

June 15, 2021 MountainKing Potatoes

As shoppers stock up for the summer grilling season, new national sales data indicates sales of fingerlings and smaller-sized gourmet varietal potatoes, both popular for backyard cookouts, remain on a solid, upward ascent.

Study Results on Outdoor Grilling Offer Encouraging Signs for Produce Suppliers, Retail Grocers

May 20, 2021 MountainKing Potatoes

The results of a recent study examining the impact of COVID-19 on outdoor grilling indicate this summer’s fresh produce sales may be more robust than ever as U.S. households break in the more than $4.9 billion spent in 2020 on grills, smokers, camping stoves, accessories and fuel.