How Do Consumers Value Produce? Local vs Long-Distance? Cornell’s Rebecca Wasserman-Olin Studies Strawberries to Provide Insights

A new researcher at the New York Produce Show, Rebecca Wasserman-Olin, shared new research findings about how customers value various appearance characteristics and how a consumer value perception is affected when a strawberry is marketed as ‘local,’ among other key findings.

Consumers, Grapes and Gene Editing Cornell’s Brad Rickard Sheds Light on What the Research Shows and What’s Yet to Be Learned

At the most recent New York Produce Show and Conference, Professor Rickard presented some new research built around grapes, focusing on consumer attitudes and industry dynamics related to gene editing.

TOURING NEW JERSEY Susan McAleavey Sarlund Talks About the Power of Ethics, Friendship and Legacy

Once again, participants in the New York Produce Show and Conference had an opportunity to go on many regional tours, including an official post-show tour of several retail markets in nearby Newark, New Jersey. The tour also included a visit to AeroFarms, the world’s largest indoor vertical farm, built in a 75-year-old, converted 70,000-square-foot steel mill. Susan Crowell, a contributing editor at Pundit sister publication, PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine, talked with tour organizer Susan McAleavey Sarlund, executive director of the Eastern Produce Council, who has also been involved with the New York Produce Show since it started, to get some highlights of what was covered in the tour.

Health, Sustainability and The Younger Diners Of Today’s Restaurants: How The Produce Industry Can Ride the Wave Menu Matters’ Maeve Webster Points The Way

Maeve Webster, president of Menu Matters, a consulting firm for foodservice manufacturers and operators, offered insight into how the pandemic fundamentally changed consumer perspectives and behaviors, and that impact on foodservice, at the Ideation Fresh Foodservice Forum, Thursday, Dec. 16, a post-show event of the New York Produce Show and Conference.

Sergio Borquez Schwarzbeck Presentation at The Global Trade Symposium Elevating The Industry… With Purpose Beyond Produce

A return speaker at the New York Produce Show, Borquez recently spoke with Susan Crowell, contributing editor at Pundit sister publication, PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine, to explain how Campos Borquez initiated several projects to improve the communities that are home to the farm’s migrant workers — programs he thinks can be recreated in many forms across the globe.