Pacific Trellis Fruit Introduces Premium Grapes Under “Fruit of Legendary Perfection” Dulcinea Brand

November 7, 2019 Pacific Trellis Fruit

Pacific Trellis Fruit® debuted its newest product line, Dulcinea® Brand Premium Seedless Grapes, at the 2019 PMA Expo & Conference in Anaheim.

Pacific Trellis Fruit to Begin Growing Premium Dulcinea “No Soil Contact” Pureheart Seedless Melons in Shade Houses Using Less Land and Water

November 1, 2019 Pacific Trellis Fruit

Pacific Trellis Fruit®, the California-based produce company committed to providing the highest quality fruit from around the world via its year-round programs, has debuted its newest innovation-shade house grown Dulcinea® Brand PureHeart® Seedless Watermelon-that never make contact with soil.

Pacific Trellis Fruit brings back Jam Grapes

Pacific Trellis Fruit is bringing back JAM GRAPES, the new black seedless grape variety from Brazil it introduced late last year. During its initial launch, the premium grape variety had only been available from October through January.

Pacific Trellis Fruit ‘Delivers’ For Upcoming Mexican Grapes Season

For the 2019 grape season, Mexico estimates exports to be up 34% over 2018. “Pacific Trellis Fruit has been among the Top 5 importers from the Latin American region for several years now and we are well-positioned to leverage that improved outlook for our retail partners,” comments General Manager Josh Leichter.

Pacific Trellis Fruit launches exclusive, limited-availability Jam Grapes

“With the increased focus on flavor and taste in new grape varieties, we knew we had a potential winner on our hands here,” comments Josh Leichter, General Manager of Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms. The JAM grapes, developed by EMBRAPA in Brazil, offer a unique eating experience with their concord-type flavor and high brix.