Pacific Trellis Fruit Extends Cherry Season With Premium, Argentine Ocean Fruit

LOS ANGELES, CA – Pacific Trellis Fruit announced the first arrival of Argentine cherries, arriving via vessel to its west coast warehouse this week.

With the air-shipment based Chilean cherry season coming to a close at the end of January, Argentine cherries provide retailers a full extra month of cherry supply.

“The ability to offer our retail partners an extra month of high quality cherry supply is something we are really proud of, and it is one of the aspects of our business that helps set us apart,” said Dan Carapella, Senior Sales & Category Manager at Pacific Trellis Fruit.  “When our partners commit to cherry programs with us before the season even begins, they automatically receive the added benefit of knowing that they will have supply through the end of February during a month when demand is significantly higher than what is available in the market”. 

Pacific Trellis Fruit is the main importer of late season cherries, and this is their third season partnering with Extraberries SA, whose cherry production happens in one of the southernmost fields of Patagonia.  “The southern region of Argentina has the ideal climate for growing cherries,” said Marcial Hernandez, Director of South American Imports at Pacific Trellis Fruit.  “This results in late season cherries that are high in quality along with being sweet and delicious.”

Pacific Trellis Fruit’s late season cherries are available in high graphic bags for a limited time only.

Established in 1999, Pacific Trellis Fruit® is one of North America’s top year-round importers, growers and marketers of premium fresh fruit, including grapes, peaches, plums, nectarines and cherries.  With the acquisition of Dulcinea® Farms in 2014, Pacific Trellis Fruit® added PureHeart Mini Seedless Watermelons, Tuscan Style® Cantaloupe and SunnyGold Yellow Mini Seedless Watermelons amongst other premium melons to its portfolio.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, the company also has sales offices in Fresno, CA, Gloucester City, NJ and Nogales, AZ.  In addition to a robust product portfolio and a global business structure, Pacific Trellis Fruit®/Dulcinea® also supports global environmental and social responsibility programs.