Landmark Common Names Bill Included in House Farm Bill Introduction

The U.S. House of Representatives Agriculture Committee Chair included the Safeguarding American Value-Added Exports (SAVE) Act as a part of its farm bill reauthorization legislation. The first farm bill effort on common names, the SAVE Act would promote the protection of common food and beverage names – such as “parmesan”, “chateau” and “bologna.”

Schuman Cheese Wins Award for World’s Best Parmesan for Third Consecutive Year

April 3, 2024 Schuman Cheese

Schuman Cheese proudly announces that Cello Copper Kettle Parmesan was named the world’s best Parmesan at the 35th biennial World Championship Cheese Contest.

Global Parmesan Cheese Market Report 2022-2026

September 29, 2022 Research and Markets

The market is receiving a major growth stimulus from rising demand for cheese and associated products propelled by confluence of a number of favourable factors such as rising consumer demand for fast food and convenience foods along with changing lifestyles and diverse product offerings

WCMA Notes: Specialty Growth Brings a Parmesan Partnership

Amidst positive news about large-scale cheese production plants planned for the next few years, key moves continue in the value-added space as well. This column has asserted before that the dairy industry is healthiest when small to mid-sized cheesemakers are growing – capturing the attention of media, chefs and retailers, providing a pipeline of new cheese styles and burnishing the image of U.S. cheese abroad.

US Tariffs Grate on Italy’s Parmesan Cheesemakers

October 8, 2019 Reuters

U.S. consumers will pay around $5 a kilogram more for Italian Parmesan cheese because of duties announced by Washington on a range of European goods, a cheesemaking consortium said on Thursday, complaining it was set to take an unfair hit in the trade spat.