CMI Orchards Announces Growth in Organic Sales; Timely for New Year’s Resolutions

December 2, 2020 CMI Orchards

Over the past decade, CMI Orchards has continued to invest significantly in overall organic growth, bringing to market some of the very first club organics such as Ambrosia, KIKU, Kanzi, Jazz, Envy, Smitten and EverCrisp apples.

CMI Orchards Partners with Independent Warehouse, Inc.

November 23, 2020 CMI Orchards

CMI Orchards has entered into a partnership with Independent Warehouse, Inc. to expand pear distribution to domestic and international retailers.

Stemilt’s Commitment to Flavor Unlocks Great Category Potential for Retailers

November 3, 2020 Stemilt

Producing Rushing Rivers® pears is no easy feat. From perfecting growing practices to flawless ripening and packing techniques, Stemilt’s teams have taken an oath to improving the pear category through their internal program, Operation Flavor, a 360 degree commitment to setting a new standard for the flavor of pears.

Time to Bulk Up With Stemilt’s Artisan Organics Apples & Pears

October 23, 2020 Stemilt

To ensure retailers make the most of their organic apple and pear categories, Stemilt’s senior marketing manager, Brianna Shales, encourages retailers to plan bulk promotions on Stemilt’s Artisan Organics™ apples and pears to provide consumers a delightful eating experience.

Stemilt Leads Nation With #1 Pear Ripening Program, RipeRite

September 8, 2020 Stemilt Growers

From growing in the best locales to having the most experienced pear ripening specialists in the industry, Stemilt’s Rushing Rivers® d’Anjou and Red d’Anjou pears are setting a new standard thanks to the company’s #1 pear ripening program, RipeRite™.