Pure Flavor Participates in National Family Meals Month to Help Fuel Healthy Lives

September 26, 2022 Pure Flavor

What is a better cause than helping families gather around the table and be a part of the magic that happens during family mealtime? Studies show extensive nutrition, social, and mental benefits associated with family meals which create a stronger and healthier family bond.  In support of the Food Marketing Institutes (FMI) National Family Meals Month™, Pure Flavor® joined the industry-wide movement this month to raise awareness of the benefits of frequent family meals.

Fuel Up for Back-to-School with Pure Flavor Snacking Veggies

August 29, 2022 Pure Flavor

For millions of kids and young adults across the country, it’s almost time to return to class, which means it’s also time to start thinking about what to pack for lunch. With a lineup of flavorful, convenient, and healthy snacking veggies, Pure Flavor® is making it easier than ever to pack a nutritious lunch box that students of all ages love.

Pure Flavor Growth Prompts Organic Acreage & Distribution Center Expansion

July 12, 2022 Pure Flavor

After tripling the company’s acreage on its home site in Leamington over the last 2 years, Pure Flavor® has begun construction of a new 40-acre (16 ha.) high-tech, fully lit facility as well as a new 210,000 sq ft centralized packhouse Distribution Center on the same site. Half of the new greenhouse facility (20 acres) will be dedicated to supporting company’s organic programs.

Pure Flavor Launches North America’s First Commercial Greenhouse Grown Melon

May 10, 2022 Pure Flavor

With an emphasis on driving innovation in new product development, leading greenhouse company Pure Flavor® has launched the fresh produce industry’s first greenhouse grown melons, which will be branded under the Solara™ name. 

Inclusive Plant-Based Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

November 24, 2021 Pure Flavor

Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, football, and, of course, food. Across the country we’ll be gathering with loved ones to enjoy mouthwatering meals and great conversation. Whether you’re planning a traditional turkey dinner with all the fixings or adding new alternative, plant-based Thanksgiving options to freshen up your menu or to accommodate your guests’ diets, there are so many ways to savor the flavors of this holiday.