Deliflor Chrysanten Introduces New Larsson Spray Chrysanthemum

September 2, 2021 Deliflor Chrysanten

A new variety that has already received so much positive feedback of growers and traders. Larsson is a lovely pink chrysanthemum with a fresh green centre that creates a perfect contrast between petals and heart. Larsson gains weight easily, has strong branches and dark green leaves.

Deliflor Chrysanten Introduces ‘Serenity Red’

August 20, 2021 Deliflor Chrysanten

A magnificent colour to use in the upcoming autumn and winter. Serenity Red has equal outstanding characteristics as the other Serenity varieties: Serenity, Serenity Salmon and Serenity Sweet.

Deliflor Chrysanten Introduces ‘Abbey Cream’

April 6, 2021 Deliflor Chrysanten

With spring ahead of us, Deliflor would like to introduce a beautiful new soft cream coloured spray chrysanthemum: Abbey Cream, a welcome addition to the Deliflor assortment.

Floritec Offers Sneak Preview: Spray Chrysanthemum Aurora

February 16, 2021 Floritec

This beauty is not called Aurora for nothing; the Latin name for the Northern Lights. It is a real eye-catcher in bouquets. In addition, the performance in the vase is very good. A sincere highlight for Mother’s Day!

Introduces Orange Spray Chrysanthemum Midnightsun

September 3, 2020 Deliflor Chrysanten

The magnificent orange glow that appears, has inspired us for naming our newest orange chrysanthemum variety Midnightsun.