5 New Costco Bakery Items Debuting This Fall

Making a trip to Costco almost always results in purchasing something you didn’t initially plan to bring home. That’s because the creative minds behind the wholesale grocery club seem always to be innovating and unveiling new foods that you have to try.

Well, this fall is no exception, as the Seattle-based retail giant is introducing some fresh and mouth-watering baked goods—many of which have been spotted by Instagram-based expert, Costco Buys. Here are the new fall treats you’ll see at Costco that just may find their way into your pantry.

Edible brownie batter? Yes. This vegan and gluten-free dipping sauce produced by Delighted by Deserts is now available in select Midwestern Costco locations, according to @CostcoBuys. Packaged as a “desert humus,” the makers of this brownie batter say it’s “Dense, fudgy, and (dare we say) more delicious than the real thing.” (Related: 7 Things You Had No Idea Costco Actually Sells.)

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