AIB International: Five Tips to Prepare for Your Food Safety Inspection

Inspections can be stressful, especially if you, your team, and facility are unprepared. Here are five tips you can use in preparation for your next food safety inspection.

  1. Know the Standard – Start by knowing which food safety standard is best for your unique facility. By understanding its clauses and applicable regulatory requirements, your team can prepare accordingly. Each of our Consolidated Standards are available for download on our website. This includes standards for Prerequisite and Food SafetyBeverage Facilities, and Food Distribution Centers, among others.
  1. Develop an Audit Team – A group with diverse backgrounds and roles will help best prepare and see opportunities for improvement that an individual may otherwise miss. This should include members from Food Safety, QA, leadership, and the frontline. You can also rely on your team by having each member focus on specific sections of the standard to ensure compliance.

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