Flavors to Spice Up your Fall Bakes Besides Pumpkin Spice

When days get shorter, consumers gravitate towards comforting meals and warming beverages. The falling leaves kick off a season full of heartening, cozy foods made with seasonal products and loads of spices. For what feels like an eternity – but is actually since 2003 – pumpkin spice is the go to flavoring for fall treats, cakes and cookies. But what other flavors are out there? Discover them below. 

Pumpkin spice is still ubiquitous

Each September, the pumpkin spice offerings show up again at grocery stores, cafes and coffee shops. The warming spice mix with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves can be found in lattes, pancakes, autumn beers, and so much more. Google data shows that online searches on pumpkin spice peak each year at the end of August. The hype lasts until Thanksgiving, which causes a final surge of interest in the flavor.

Coffee chain Starbucks is a big contributor to the popularity of pumpkin spice, serving drinks and snacks with the spice blend. But major candy brands like KitKat and Oreo have incorporated the beloved spice mix into their products as well, showing the popularity of the taste.

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