Heat Meets Sweet: Explore the Swicy Flavor Trend in Patisserie and Chocolate

A sweet chocolate bar with fiery chili or a fruity peach pie with surprising heat from jalapeno. Swicy is literally the hottest flavor trend in patisserie and chocolate right now. Although the flavor combinations might be surprising, the trend itself isn’t as 65% of consumers worldwide now want to try combinations of tastes which are unusual at first. Swicy perfectly hits that spot. 

Especially in South-America (75%), the Middle-East and Africa (72%) and the Asia-Pacific region (71%), consumers are eager to try out unexpected flavor combinations. Discover the new ‘swicy’ flavor category.

According to a Kalsec Market Research from 2021, 3 out of 4 consumers agree that most foods taste better with some level of heat. A 15% increase from 2019. But it’s not just savory foods that are becoming extra spicy, in patisserie and chocolate we now see the emergence of the ‘swicy’ flavor.

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