How Food Safety Leadership is Becoming a Brand Differentiator

With the food and beverage industry more competitive than ever, strong food safety leadership can become a powerful brand differentiator. To successfully transform food safety and food defense practices into value propositions, however , consumer-facing companies must leverage transparency strategically and elevate their food safety practices across the supply chain.

The Importance of Food Safety Leadership

In the wake of high-profile foodborne risks such as the recent nutritional drink recall, consumers interested in safe and healthy food products are demanding greater responsibility and transparency from food and beverage companies. With the CDC estimating that 48 million people fall ill from food-related diseases annually in the United States alone, phrases such as “dedication to food safety” or “food safety transparency” cannot be mere buzzwords used to attract customers.

While most food safety leaders are aware that good food safety protects companies’ brand reputation and market value, transforming stringent food safety and quality control measures into customer-facing communication, branding, and marketing requires a whole new set of competencies and strategies.

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