How to Boost Your Wholegrain Category

Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious about health and sustainability linked to the food they consume. As shown in our 2019 Taste Tomorrow survey, consumers demand more authenticity, naturalness and healthiness, without compromising on taste. As wholegrains & seeds answer this demand perfectly, we see a rising demand for this ingredient, with 41% of consumers globally eating wholegrains several times a week(*)!

What is a wholegrain?

A Wholegrain is the whole grain, composed of its bran, germ and endosperm. The bran is the shell around the grain and is full of fibre. The germ is the embryo which can sprout to grow a new plant. The germ contains vitamins, some protein and minerals, and some omega-3. The endosperm represents the largest part of the grain. It supplies the germ with the necessary nutrients and energy to grow as it contains carbohydrates, proteins and some of vitamins and minerals. (**)(***)

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