How to Capitalize on Your Bread Classics

Expanding the product range is a must for all players in the bakery sector, including retailers and industry. Based on our recent Taste Tomorrow consumer research, you have the best chance of success when making small changes to consumer favorites. Try to further innovate the familiar crowd-pleasers. The classics will always hold their ground in the world of bakery, so consider capitalizing on your traditional bread and bakery products with these 6 tips.

People like to taste new flavors and innovations, but they also crave tradition, routine and familiar food they can count on to be delicious. 75% of consumers like traditional tastes, our Taste of Tomorrow research across 44 different countries shows. You can meet their needs by reinventing your classics because the dominance towards traditional taste exists besides an openness towards exploration. 

When trying new types of food, 67% of people would still like to have a familiar element. For them, bread and bakery products reinvented with one of these 6 tips are perfect:

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