IDDBA: What’s in Store 2019? Flavor

What’s in Store 2019: Flavor

Flavors inspire, stimulate, and drive a desire to optimize the human experience.

We know trends in flavors show us consumers’ taste interests, but flavors also capture the moods of the US consumer.

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) has found this customer is searching for:

  • Health through ingredients that offer benefits like turmeric, ginseng, and ginger.
  • Nostalgia in comfort foods or classic recipes.
  • Adventure through global spices like gochujang, or local flares like “Nashville Hot.”
  • Nature through aromatic herbs, seeds, and artisanal goods.

These can be seen in specific departments through innovative marketing and products (see attached figures for more information.)

From locally inspired flavors like Smoky Mountain BBQ to combined flavors like chipotle pumpkin or apple coffee, consumers are intrigued to try it. Our mission is to discover consumer’s needs, to study them, and offer insights to help you better reach them. IDDBA examines the dairy, deli, and bakery industries to craft What’s in Store for convenience with valuable information and consumer insights.

What’s in Store 2019 explores hundreds of findings in the latest edition of the annual trends. Figures can be downloaded for presentation at What’s in Store Online, holding more than 150 downloadable graphs and tables.

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