Puratos: 8 x Cocktail Flavored Patisserie

Flavour house Prova identifies mixomania as one of the five key food trends of 2021, meaning cocktails flavours are being introduced in all kinds of food products. In patisserie, we spot this fun trend as well. Which specific cocktail flavours are trending depends on the season. In the summertime, the margarita and Aperol spritz are popular, while in the colder months we see a rise in coffee-based cocktails flavours like espresso martini or Irish coffee. Get inspired by these eight types of cocktail flavoured cakes, treats and pastries. 

 1. Mojito cheesecake

All the flavours of Havana’s favourite cocktail come together in this Mojito Cheesecake: lime, rum and mint. These ingredients are mixed into the cream that lays on top of a classic cheesecake base made from crushed digestive biscuits and butter. With 6% white rum in the cake, you have to be careful not to get light-headed if you eat too many pieces.

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