The 5 Biggest Food Trends That Every Baker, Patissier and Chocolatier Should Know About

When was the last time you saw a shop window filled with pastel-hued, sprinkled gourmet cupcakes or chocolate-dipped cake pops? We bet it’s been a while. In today’s world, food trends succeed one another at lightning speed. That’s why at Puratos, we help bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers keep their fingers on the pulse with our Taste Tomorrow consumer research platform.

Our latest data shows that if you’re to stay ahead of the crowd, you should capitalize on the following five key trends for 2023 and beyond:

  • Classics Continued
  • Plant Forward
  • Sourdough 
  • Functional Food
  • Visual Appeal

 We’ve drawn up this list using intensive, always-on AI research, using our own semantic analysis technology in combination with a global consumer survey and the knowledge of our consumer trend experts. “What’s unique about our Taste Tomorrow research program is that we’re continuously tracking the online media space,” says consumer insights expert Nanno Palte. 

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