U.S. Bread, Donut Makers Urge Biden to Roll Back Biofuel Requirements

WASHINGTON – A trade group representing some of America’s biggest baked goods companies is urging the Biden administration to ratchet back its biofuel ambitions, arguing that using fuel made from crops could raise the cost of donuts, bread and other foods.

The complaints mark an unusual entrance by the food industry into the U.S. energy policy debate, and puts it in an unwitting alliance with Big Oil, which has for years opposed regulations requiring that fuels made from corn, soybeans and other crops be added to the nation’s gasoline and diesel.

The American Bakers Association, which represents companies like the grocer Kroger (KR.N), donut maker Krispy Kreme (DNUT.O) and Tastykake parent company Flower Foods (FLO.N), told Reuters it met with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last week to urge reduced blending mandates, particularly for biodiesel.

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