M.A.D. Foods/Butter Craft Provisions Launches Everyday Finishing Butters

NYC-based M.A.D. Foods introduces Plant-Based and Dairy Finishing Butters to the retail market, with early placement on Metro area and Midwest grocery shelves.

Plant-based flavors are blended with organic oils, and non-GMO, Rainforest-Certified ingredients. All-American dairy flavors build on 82% butterfat, Euro-style butter. Finishing butters are the new condiment, enhancing the flavor of everyday dishes.

“High fat, Euro-style butters carry flavor like nobody’s business,” says owner Thierry Farges. As the company retooled processes to deliver value-priced packaging, he adds, “we saw a gap in the plant-based butter offerings.  We are thrilled about not only our flavor varieties, but also of the natural oil blend.” 

What IS finishing butter? – Melt a dollop of flavor-packed, hi-fat butter over piping hot food. Use as a condiment, sauce, marinade, or schmeer. Check out some merchandising/cooking ideas. Profiled on RangeMe and IX-One.

Four Dairy butters bring comfort food flavors to the table.  Drop a dollop of Black Truffle Butter on a meat or mushroom steak. Smother cornbread with Fire-Roasted Jalapeño Butter.  Roasted Garlic Butter upgrades soups, shrimp, and veggies. Parmesan Herb Butter rocks as a one-ingredient pasta sauce.

Vegans and flexitarians have two plant-based flavors – Black Truffle Butter and Roasted Garlic Butter – to bring the zing to hot veggies, grains, wild mushrooms, and more.