WCMA Notes: The Coming Cheddapalooza

It’s tricky to propose a future dairy disruption when one major cheesemaker describes today’s industry conditions as “wilder than the spring of 2020.”

Spurred by media inquiries, Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association reached out to cheese manufacturers to discuss softness in production of American type cheeses and cheddar cheese, particularly, in 2022. Current reduced production stands in sharp contrast to a coming tidal wave of new cheddar, Colby and jack capacity best described as Cheddapalooza.

But one disruptor at a time.  Today, cheddar volume is down 2.9 percent and all American styles together are down 0.6 percent through April 2022 compared to the previous year. That’s one reason 40-pound cheddar blocks have lingered in the $2.20-$2.39 range at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for two months. At the same time, high prices for dry whey and butter have combined with expensive cheddar to drive milk prices to record highs.

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