Atalanta Launches Don Juan 4, 6, 10 Month Cave-Aged Manchego DOP

Elizabeth, NJ— Atalanta is thrilled to announce its new line of cave-aged Manchego from exclusive supplier Alimentias. Inspired by the historic method of producing and curing Manchego in wine cellars and caves,  Alimentias created a unique cave aging facility in Southern Spain to mature this special 4, 6, and 10 Month Manchego.

Marrying tradition with technology, this first-of-its-kind cave aging facility allows artisans to control temperature, humidity, and air quality to reflect the conditions of La Mancha. The DOP Manchego Cheese is produced in adherence to traditional techniques with high-quality milk from the Manchega breed of sheep before being transported to the caves to complete the aging process. Oak barrels and greenhouse herbs like lavender and thyme infuse the atmosphere as the cheeses age, resulting in subtle yet noticeable notes of flavor.

Each cheese’s profile directly results from the time spent maturing in the caves. Don Juan’s 4 Month Manchego is fresh with a slight herbal aroma, while the 6 Month is balanced, dryer, with subtle herbal notes. The 10 Month is intense, reminiscent of Armagnac, with consistent herbal notes. All three varieties have a natural rind with an ashy appearance caused by fatty acids on the surface.