Chimay Wins at The New York International Cheese Competition

Elizabeth, NJ— Atalanta is excited to announce that our exclusive partner Chimay won awards at the first annual New York International Cheese Competition. There were over 200 submissions from 5 countries in 40 categories. Chimay À La Premiere received the overall Bronze Medal, and the Chimay Monastary was named the Belgium Washed Rind Creamery of the Year in the individual international awards.

Chimay À La Prèmiere is washed with the most popular Trappist beer brewed on-site at the monastery. The first Chimay beer, “La Prèmiere,” now sometimes known as Chimay Rouge, has been brewed since 1862 and gives the À La Prèmiere cheese a distinctive fruity flavor perfectly balanced tang. The award-winning cheese has a creamy, supple texture and a slight cellar funk.

Chimay is a beloved brand with rich, storied tradition. Based in a Belgian Trappist Monastery founded in 1850, they brew beer and craft cheese on-site just as they’ve done for countless generations. Two hundred thirty local dairies provide fresh, high-quality milk to Chimay, who uses electricity from 100% renewable sources to reduce the abbey’s carbon footprint. Additionally, 90% of the profits generated from Chimay’s beer and cheese are donated to charity.