De Medici Wins Three Gold sofi Awards

Elizabeth, NJ— This month, De Medici, a division of Atalanta Corporation,  is celebrating multiple first-place wins from The Specialty Food Association’s prestigious sofi™ Awards. The 50th annual competition took place at the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, where nearly 2,000 pre-qualified products were judged on criteria including flavor, appearance, texture, aroma, ingredient quality, and creativity. Since 1995 sofi™ has recognized De Medici’s outstanding products 23 times!

From Italy, Melchiorri L’Intenditore DOP Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil won gold in the highly competitive “Olive Oil” category. A true reflection of the extraordinary terroir of the hills extending from Spoleto to Assissi, Moraiolo olives are hand-harvested and milled the same day for an intense, fruity, and full-bodied taste with a pleasant bitterness and spice.

“We are so honored to be recognized with three Gold sofi™ awards this year. It is an unbelievable and incredible honor for us,” says Steve Kaufman, Executive Vice President of De Medici. “To A L’Olivier from France, 776 Deluxe from Greece, and the Melchiorri family from Italy, thank your continued dedication to producing the Mediterranean’s finest”.

A L’Oliver Lavender Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the south of France took home gold in the “Nut And Other Oils” category. The secret behind A L’Olivier infused oils lies in generous amounts of fresh and flavorsome plants used for the infusion. Lavender gives this olive oil an authentic, Provençal flavor. The freshness of the lavender pairs well with roasted cod drizzled on lamb and honeyglazed duck breasts or whisked into a creamy dark chocolate mousse.

From Greece, the 776 Deluxe Honey with Mastic won gold in the “Sweeteners” category. 776 Deluxe Foods’ beekeepers pride themselves on producing only the highest quality honey that is not heated or filtered, so all the goodness remains. This is a unique combination of local raw honey with a dash of oil of Mastiha. Mastiha, the resin from the Mastic tree, adds a pleasant herbal pine aroma.

De Medici has over 43 years of experience sourcing specialty foods from around the globe. After first introducing Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil to United States retail in 1979, De Medici has become a leader in taste education for the specialty food community. In 2015, De Medici officially became a part of Atalanta, joining our portfolio of artisan suppliers from around the world and supporting our mission to be a part of every food experience.