Mark Cuban’s Plant-Based Deli Meat is Coming to H-E-B Shelves this June

Vegetarians (or those looking to dabble), there’s some plant-based deli meat coming to H-E-B stores soon.

Unreal Deli, the brainchild of CEO and Founder Jenny Goldfarb, has an unlikely backer. After being introduced it on “Shark Tank,” the plant-based deli meat reeled in Texas-based Mark Cuban as an investor and will hit the shelves at more than 140 H-E-B stores on Tuesday, June 1. 

“Unreal has a chance to be the leading provider of plant-based deli counter meats in the country,” Cuban told the Jewish Journal. “Every great company starts with a great entrepreneur but needs great products to really grow into a powerhouse. Unreal has both.”

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