Mifroma Swiss Launches a Brand Refresh

Elizabeth, NJ—Mifroma, the Swiss specialist in dairy products, is excited to announce its brand refresh. With more than fifty years of experience maturing premium cheese, Mifroma brings the best of the Swiss cheesemaking tradition to tables around the world. Overseen by their expert maîtres fromagers, they use a unique process of selection, maturation, and distribution. In January 2021, they will release brand new packaging and updated labels for their North American line that will modernize the product image and help to emphasize the premium nature of the cheese.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new labeling which clearly meets consumer informational demands,” says Al Baca, Mifroma’s East Coast Regional Sales Manager. “In identifying our hand-crafted cheeses, we have incorporated attractive product images of original cheese forms, usage suggestions, and attributes that are significant to our consumers. Our labeling is designed to attract the consumer to the cheese case, provide information, and sell cheese!”

The new labels highlight Mifroma’s cheeses’ important qualities, including “Grass-Fed” and the Gruyere cheese label clearly states, “Cave Aged,” as well as the length of aging. The new labels will appear on Mifroma’s Gruyere 7oz. and 4.9oz., Cave Aged Gruyere 7oz., Emmentaler 7oz. and 4.9oz. and Switzerland Swiss 7oz. and 4.9 oz. The new-look will help communicate and celebrate Mifroma’s fine selection, high quality, and commitment to excellent cheese.