Atalanta Launches Naked Noodle Snack Cups

Elizabeth, NJ— Atalanta is excited to announce Naked Noodles’ debut, a brand of the 190 -year-old UK-based company Symington’s. Symington’s is an exclusive partner of Atalanta. Naked & Twistd are two of their well-loved product lines.  

Founded in 1827, Symington’s is known for making healthy, great-tasting food easy. Naked Noodles are just one of their brands that can be found in kitchen cupboards around the world. Naked Noodles’ is the number one snack cup brand in the UK, with 52% of the British market share. The line attracts younger and more affluent shoppers, drawn to the noodles for their authentic, exciting flavors and emphasis on healthy ingredients.

“Symington’s brands specialize in creating incremental shoppers within categories which have historically lacked innovation,” says Neil Clarke, Symington’s International Sales Director.

The product line includes:

Thai Sweet Chili Naked Noodle, fine egg noodles in a sweet, tangy garlic and chili sauce

Japanese Teriyaki Naked Noodle, fine egg noodles in a sweet, rich soy and ginger sauce

Chinese Kung Pao Naked Noodle, Asian style egg noodles in a spicy, tangy soy and ginger sauce

Chinese Chow Mein Naked Noodle, fine egg noodles in a classic garlic and soy broth

Chinese Szechuan Naked Noodle, Asian-style egg noodles in a sweet and spicy Szechuan sauce All are Vegetarian. Available for retail.

Why sacrifice taste for convenience? Eating well has never been easier.