Vermont Creamery Receives 12 ICDA Awards, Celebrating Excellence In Artisanal Dairy Products 

Vermont Creamery, renowned for its exceptional artisanal dairy products, is proud to announce its outstanding achievement at the International Cheese and Dairy Awards (ICDA). The company has received an impressive total of twelve awards, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.  

The ICDA, recognized as a prestigious global competition, celebrates excellence and innovation in the dairy industry. Vermont Creamery’s exceptional products were recognized across various categories, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Among the notable achievements, Vermont Creamery’s Chocolate & Cherry Goat Cheese made a remarkable debut by securing its first-ever award.   

The winning products from Vermont Creamery at the ICDA Awards include:   

Product | Award | Category 

Coupole | Gold | Goats Milk Cheese. Mold Ripened Soft – non-UK producer

Bijou | Bronze | Goats Milk Cheese. Mold Ripened Soft – non-UK producer

Bonne Bouche | Gold | Goats Milk Cheese – other – non-UK producer

Goat Cheese Crumbles | Gold | Salad Cheese – any variety – non-UK producer

Honey Truffle Goat Cheese | Gold | Best Truffle-infused or oil – soft cheese

Classic Goat Cheese | Bronze | Cheese made with 100% goat’s milk – non-UK producer

Classic Goat Cheese | Bronze | Best USA Cheese – goat milk

Unsalted Cultured Butter | Gold | Pack of unsalted butter – non-UK producer

Vanilla Crème Fraiche | Bronze | Carton of Flavored cream

Chocolate & Cherry Goat Cheese | Bronze | Best New Dairy Product – non-UK producer

Cremont | Gold | Best USA Cheese – Mixed Milk Cow and Goat

St. Albans | Bronze | Best USA Cheese – soft-ripened cheese

Vermont Creamery takes great pride in its commitment to traditional cheesemaking techniques, using only the finest ingredients sourced from family farms. The company’s dedication to quality and innovation has been recognized by the ICDA, further solidifying its reputation as a leading producer of artisanal dairy products.

“We are thrilled and honored to receive these twelve prestigious awards from the ICDA,” said Harry Kahn, General Manager, Vermont Creamery. “This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional dairy products that capture the essence of Vermont’s rich agricultural heritage. We are particularly excited about our new dessert goat cheese, Chocolate & Cherry, which took home an award. These accolades inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of artisanal cheese-making while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and supporting local farmers.”

Vermont Creamery’s success at the ICDA Awards not only showcases the brand’s excellence but also highlights Vermont’s dairy industry. By consistently producing award-winning products, Vermont Creamery is contributing to the state’s reputation as a hub for world-class dairy craftsmanship.

About Vermont Creamery 

Founded in 1984 and B Corp certified since 2014, Vermont Creamery is a pioneer of artisan cheese, winning countless national and international awards for their suite of cheeses and cultured dairy products, while supporting a network of family farms and promoting sustainable agriculture in the region. Ranked in June 2021 in the top 10% of most purposeful brands, according to the 2021 Purpose Power Index, Vermont Creamery is an independently operated subsidiary of Minnesota-based member-owned cooperative Land O’Lakes, Inc. For more information, visit