Volpi Foods Announces New Salame Beer Flight Exclusively in Sprouts Farmers Markets

ST. LOUIS – Volpi Foods, the St. Louis-based, family-owned and operated producer of specialty cured meats since 1902, announces today a new Salame Beer Flight. The new Salame Beer Flight offers a unique pairing of Volpi’s signature savory salame infused with three popular styles of craft beer to create the IPA Beer Salame, Lager Beer Salame and Stout Beer Salame. Each flight features 3oz of each beer-infused varietal, making it perfect for get-togethers and tailgating.The new Salame Beer Flight will launch exclusively at Sprouts Farmers Markets locations across the country in mid-August. 

“Craft beer has been on the rise in popularity for well over a decade, particularly amongst millennial consumers. That popularity inspired us to explore something new and special to resonate with Sprouts’ shoppers,” says Deanna Depke, fourth generation marketing manager of Volpi Foods. “The culture around craft beer is experimental and creative, so we teamed up with a local, St. Louis-based, craft brewery to infuse our classic salame and create a Beer Salame Flight that’s the first of its kind.” 

The featured flavors in Volpi’s salame flight are IPA, Lager, and Stout. The IPA Beer Salame features the fruity, citrusy flavors of the hop-forward beer. The Lager Beer Salame is a crowd-pleaser with its clean, crisp taste, and the Stout Beer Salame features the deep roasted flavors signature to the dark, smooth, and slightly sweet beer that complements the richness of the salame. These flavors are a stand out on a charcuterie board or simply paired with its accompanying craft beer for the perfect snack. Volpi’s Salame Beer Flight joins Volpi’s wine-infused salame line, which includes Chianti SalamePinot Grigio Salame and Rosé Salame. Volpi proudly sources exclusively from local partner farms that abide by their Raised Responsibly™ promise to put animal welfare first and allow for free, natural movement, no gestation crates, and no growth hormones. 

Volpi’s Salame Beer Flight will be released exclusively at Sprouts Farmers Markets locations throughout the country in mid-August. Follow Volpi Foods on FacebookInstagram and YouTube to stay up to date with new products, recipes, and more, or visit their website here. To find Volpi products near you, use the store locator here.

About Volpi Foods: The Volpi family migrated from Milan to St. Louis in 1898, bringing with them the ancient European art of dry-cured meats. John Volpi founded Volpi Foods in the iconic St. Louis Italian neighborhood of The Hill in 1902, and now 120 years later, the fourth-generation, family-owned business remains a leader in the specialty food industry. While the family still operates a deli and shop from the original storefront, consumers can now find Volpi Foods products across the country. The Volpi Foods family is committed to providing high-quality products for their consumers by preserving the ancient art of dry cured meat by hand and fostering partnerships with local farmers to source fresh meat Raised Responsibly™. This means no steroids ever, no gestation crates, fed a primarily vegetarian diet and freedom to roam and socialize naturally. High-quality meat starts at the source. To learn more about the Volpi Foods process, visit here and to read about the company’s accolades, visit here. Find a store near you here, and for up-to-date news on Volpi Foods products, visit here or follow them on social media on Facebook and Instagram.