A Growing Concern – an Interview With Victor Giorgini, Owner of Equiflor

When it comes to flower growers, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought some serious challenges around the world, including our farms in Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica. We interviewed our President and CEO, R. Victor Giorgini, to discuss some of these challenges and how we are working to support our farms and workforce through these unprecedented times.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Equiflor’s farms?

This pandemic has created enormous problems in the three countries where we have production. For starters, the overall demand for most farms has decreased significantly. As well, new governmental rules regarding social distancing, stay-at-home mandates, and curfews have created a significant challenge; we have had to reduce our workforce has by as much as 50 percent.

Although there has been no government relief for businesses or workers in these countries, our workforce has been extremely understanding of the situation. They have willingly supported the necessary changes while realizing that we all need to secure a viable business in the long run. Unlike the United States, where staff can be furloughed or laid off, these countries have strong labor laws, and farmers aren’t allowed to lay off workers. Therefore, good, honest communication with our workforce has been critical in finding solutions that provide flexibility while allowing us to manage this unprecedented situation.

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