Alexandra Farms Expands Sustainability Efforts, Earns Carbon Neutral Certification

In this time of climate crisis, it’s become evident that companies must work harder to reduce the footprint on our planet to help slow or reverse the growing damage incurred by Mother Nature every day. As active participants in the remediation of carbon emissions, we are honored to announce that Alexandra Farms has been awarded the Carbon Neutral International Standard Certification from United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC).

One Carbon World, a non-profit organization launched by UNFCCC with the explicit goal of “reducing and compensating 20 million tonnes of CO2e from the atmosphere,” works tirelessly to support businesses for change. Alexandra Farms earned and maintains certification by proving a dedication to carbon neutrality every month.

Earning the Carbon Neutral certification from UNFCCC speaks volumes to the lengths to which a business will go to attempt little harm on the land it inhabits. Following all requirements, a UNFCCC certification confirms “comprehensive support” by the organization following verification and certification to the standards set, and it allows the company to proudly display a badge of commitment to the cause with industry partners and competitors.

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