Chrysal Introduces Bio Based Flower Food

Naarden – Since 1949 Chrysal has been the market leader in flower food products and we want to set the standard for sustainability in our industry, being the most sustainable partner. Introducing our new bio based flower food, taking the next step in sustainability. From now the 99% bio based flower food will be available in all our sustainable packaging. With bio based flower food we increase the use of renewable biological resources. 

Last year we introduced our complete line of sustainable packaging, consisting of the paper, the recyclable plastic and the compostable sachets. From March 10th 2021 all our sustainable packaging sachets will contain 99% bio based flower food. All bio based ingredients in the flower food are from biological renewable resources, such as plants. It contributes to our goal to be 100% circular by 2040. “With bio based flower food we are setting a new important step in our sustainability offer and toward achieving sustainability goals together with our partners/customers,” says Peter Vriends, CEO of Chrysal International. 

In developing the new bio based flower food, our commitment to offering customers the very best quality products has not been compromised. Our bio based flower food contains all the nutrients for full flower development. This way your customers can enjoy their flowers up to 60% longer. Keeping your flowers beautiful even longer.

Sustainability is an integral part of who we are and how we work. It is important to know our impact on the environment, to create a caring workplace for our employees and bring added value to the sustainability ambitions of our customers. We aim to be climate neutral by 2030 and fully circular by 2040. Setting the standard for sustainability in our industry. 

Chrysal Cares, helping nature together.

Check our website for more information about our bio based flower food and how we can help you with your sustainability ambitions.  

Chrysal International

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