Coming Soon… Royal Van Zanten’s New Pot & Bedding 2021 Collection

Our new 2021 Pot & Bedding collection is coming soon. At this moment we are working hard to design our new catalogue, which will be available at the end of this month. We love to share our theme for 2021 with you: Get In Touch.

This theme is based on the trends in the world, of course the worldwide pandemic has had a big influence on the trends for the upcoming year and seasons. The world is missing that human touch, a hug or a kiss. This translates into soft skin tones and earthy colours. These colours are the perfect base to (re-)build upon in 2021.

The honour of being the plant model for the cover this year goes to Mount® Harmony Copper. In so many ways this pot chrysanthemum fits the zeitgeist. Her soft pink skin tone colour combined with earthy tones at the edges make her perfect representation for our 2021’s colour palette. Her name represent the harmony that was created during the darker days this year for support for our healthcare workers.

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