Talia Boone, The Founder of Postal Petals, Has Been Blooming During the Pandemic

The US floral gifting market has witness to a wave of various innovations, one of the most prominent being online delivery. Brick and mortar retail is effectively being eliminated to cater to the trend of those that look to digital platforms for most of their purchase decisions, especially during the era of COVID 19. In fact, the floral gifting market in the US is expected to grow rapidly during the period 2020–2025 and of course black founders are stepping up to take a piece of this market. 

Talia Boone, Founder and CEO of Postal Petals, a farm-direct bulk bloom box delivery service for DIY floral arrangements, is revolutionizing the way people receive and engage with flowers. Boone took up a love for gathering and arranging flowers in her downtime a few years ago. Fast forward to May of this year, two months into quarantine, Boone’s go-to form of self-care was interrupted when her normal vendors at the Los Angeles Flower Market were closed due to the pandemic. After scouring the internet and speaking with flower wholesalers, her request for a small shipment of varying flowers was unmet. Boone, inspired, identified a hole in the marketplace and went to work. By late July, Boone launched Postal Petals with close to 20 domestic, eco-friendly farm partners shipping hand-picked boxes of fresh, seasonal flowers all across the country for people to prep and arrange in the comfort of their homes. 

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