Danziger: Annuals Look Better Longer by Choosing the Right Varieties

Heat tolerant annuals stand up to tough conditions

Nothing takes a toll on annuals quite like heat stress. From the garden center to the home garden, hot temperatures can wreak havoc on the health and beauty of just about any plant. The best way for growers to help beat the heat and the stress of having sub-par containers and combos is to choose the right plants.

Choosing varieties that are heat tolerant can help the plants look better, longer in the garden center. But, the benefits don’t stop there. “Heat tolerance is a very important feature when you’re looking at genetics,” says Mike Fernandez, market manager for Danziger North America. “Bedding plants that can handle the heat not only look better at the point-of-sale, they tend to perform better in the home garden. That means consumers are going to feel more successful as gardeners. Successful gardeners buy more plants, and that is a win for everyone.”

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