Dyed Flowers Care & Handling -FloraLife

Putting a new spin on flowers can sometimes prove very difficult, especially when you’re trying to create something for a holiday that isn’t necessarily associated with colors readily available in nature. So how do you shake things up and make fun designs in any color you want?  Dyed flowers might just be the answer!  Using dyed flowers is a fantastic opportunity to let your imagination run wild and provide a fun element that ties in perfectly with any theme. 

Working with dyed flowers is a little different in a couple of ways and there are some things you should know and expect before you receive them. Some helpful hints for working with dyed flowers include:

  1. The water changing color is perfectly normal, don’t worry.  You will probably notice the water changing within a day or so after processing. The stems contain dye so as they sit in water, it will likely change color.  You do not need to change the water or re-process.

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