Floral Industry Impacted by COVID-19: Now What?

Less than a week ago, our Floral Industry Impacted by COVID-19 post went live. After 6 days, hundreds upon hundreds of shares, and 8,300 article views later, along with an outpouring of heartfelt comments ranging from understanding, support, and love, we are faced with a very critical question. 

Now what?
Now that we’ve shared our story, now that you’ve read it, now that you’ve shared it with your community, friends, and family – what should we all do next to support our beloved floral industry? How can we make a difference? How can we help create change?

This next step is not something I consider myself an expert in. Luckily, we have the Society of American Florists who deals heavily in government affairs involving our floral industry and who I would consider the experts to follow. As such, I headed to their COVID-19 Updates for the Floral Industry web page. It is filled with helpful tools and resources that cover a variety of topics like tools to promote flower buying, Federal aid, communicating with customers, government resources, HR advice, and more. On this page, they even have a State Resources section and this is the one that I would like to invite you to explore in depth to help you answer the question of “now what?”.

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