Four Reasons to Petal it Forward on October 20, 2021

For the last six years, thousands of floral industry members in all 50 states have organized their teams on one day in October to take part in Petal It Forward, SAF’s goodwill flower-sharing initiative.

Since it launched in 2015, Petal It Forward has been a flexible, highly customizable event. With varying levels of COVID-19 restrictions across the country, SAF has updated support materials and resources to help plan safe, successful giveaways – that not only bring joy to the flower recipients but also boost morale at all of the participating businesses.

Here are four reasons retailers should participate in Petal It Forward 

on October 20, 2021:

1. Sciencehas proven that flowers reduce stress and anxiety and make people happy. 

2. Increased Community Cred- Petal It Forward is a highly visible event that can do wonders for your reputation. Reporters love covering the giveaway, both in the days leading up to it and its aftermath.

3. Marketing Potential Galore-  Every business can capitalize on the promotion that comes with participating in Petal It Forward. Click here to read how SAF members market Petal It Forward before, during and after the event.

4. Opportunities for New Partnerships- Volunteers from a variety of local organizations can be invited to help. In return, those organizations receive publicity from partnering with your business.

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