Momentum+ Rose from Dümmen Orange Sets New Gold Standard for Growers, Retailers and Consumers

COLUMBUS, Ohio –  Momentum+ Rose from Dümmen Orange has raised the bar to become the new gold standard in its color class for growers, retailers and consumers. Its rich, sunny yellow color is an essential component of any rose program, where this color class represents up to 12% of the category through most seasons, and up to 15% in summer and fall collections. 

From the very beginning, Momentum+ has outstanding grower attributes. The plants begin with several ground shoots which set a solid structure for future production. Once established, growers can expect 1.2 blooms per plant per month throughout the year. Momentum+ finishes with an elegant stem length of nearly two feet for premium sales. And the bloom’s head size measures an impressive 2.25 inches across for a remarkable display in bouquets. 

For transport, Momentum+ has been engineered with strong petals which hold up effectively and a well-designed cylindrical bud shape, allowing for tight packing with minimal bruising. It also handles early harvesting at the cut stage, allowing for easier packing of the raw buds, yet still fully develops for the consumer. 

Momentum+ can’t be missed at the retail level. With rich, sunny yellow color, this variety is sure to stand out as a solo item or in mixed bouquets. The large opening blooms will make a strong statement in any home. 

High Control Group, the horticulture industry’s quality control agency, has professionally endorsed Momentum+. In fact, the group noted Momentum+ for its superiority in uniform flower opening. A rich, non-fading, sunny yellow color contrasts with strong dark green foliage and Momentum+ has an exceptional 10-14 day vase life after reaching customers’ homes. 

Dümmen Orange is proud to introduce Momentum+ based on its adaptability to both premium, high-end use as well as mass market introductions. Momentum+ is expected to become an integral part of programs for growers and retailers throughout the industry.

View the Momentum+ Rose by Dümmen Orange video:

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