Novelties in Hydrangea Breeders Association’s Pot Hydrangea Catalog 2021

De Kwakel – The new pot hydrangea catalog 2021/2022 from HBA contains two novelties that are extremely suitable for use in hanging baskets. In addition, the range has been expanded with the bright white Ice Boy and HBA is introducing two new paniculata: Panenka and Panorama.

New from HBA are hydrangeas for hanging baskets: HABA Pink℗ and HABA Soft Pink℗. These hydrangeas show excellent branching. HABA Pink℗ and HABA Soft Pink℗ have a beautiful appearance with nice double flowers and sturdy leaves. Both macrophyllas are excellent to blue as HABA Purple and HABA Soft Blue.

In addition, the pot hydrangea range has been expanded with Ice Boy. This hydrangea stands out because of its bright white bulbs with slightly wavy, single flowers. Ice Boy is a vigorous hydrangea that is extremely suitable for large pots or in the garden.

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