Research Update: Effects of FloraLife Express Clear 100 on Freshly Harvested Roses

To restore the water balance of flowers that are shipped and stored dry, one needs to properly hydrate the flowers upon arrival, a common practice. Once rehydrated with FloraLife® Express Clear 100, flowers look fresh and turgid again. This product also has a positive effect on freshly harvested flowers that are not dehydrated.

In order to slow the flower development process down, as well as ensure maximized vase life at the consumer’s home, fresh cut flowers are usually moved to coolers quickly after harvest. Low temperatures slow down the metabolism in the cut flower. At this stage, it is not yet necessary to provide nutrients to cut flowers. At a dosage of 2 ml/L, FloraLife® Express Clear 100 is a cost effective product to apply on freshly harvested flowers that are stored in a cooler. It also helps the uptake of a storage and transport product like FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 needed once flowers are exposed to higher temperatures usually found in stores.

Independent research done by Royal FloraHolland shows that the use of FloraLife® Express Clear 100 on freshly harvested roses and on dry shipped roses improves vase life.

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