Rio Roses: Valentine’s Day Spending 2021

To say that Valentine’s Day 2021 was unusual would be a massive understatement. This year was a completely different scenario than 2020 when we weren’t yet dealing with all the upheaval that a pandemic would bring to our lives. However, despite the quarantine bubble, spending for Valentine’s Day had some definite bright spots.

Unsurprisingly, Valentine’s Day 2021 sales took a significant drop from 2020 — down over 20%, at $21.8 billion. However, the good news is that spending this year was still up over 2019 and the second-highest in history. It’s also great news for the floral industry since consumers spent $2 billion on flowers this year — down from $2.3 billion in 2020 but significantly higher than any other year.

Here are a few more highlights of consumer spending for Valentine’s Day 2021:

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